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The secret of a forgotten vinyl

Musical show.

Musical dialogue between eras with a century apart.

Written and directed by Miss Delmonde.

Cast : Yan Macary and Miss Delmonde.

For all types of audience. 


What secrets hide old vinyls stored in dusty boxes in your attic? They can tell fascinating stories about life in other times. They keep the smell of the past and transmit the feeling of great admiration for music, that was much less accessible then. They allow us to imagine these people who dressed and spoke differently. They listened to other kinds of music, had other thoughts and feelings ... But were they really that different?

This show is a musical dialogue that crosses time. An impossible meeting of two characters separated by 100 years of evolution, who will have the chance to become closer for one night.

Work in progress



On the road of acacia gum


immersive experience.

April 2023.

Production: Maison Meteore.

Hunting and Nature Museum, Paris.



Eminente Hotel

immersive experience.

September-December 2021.


Maison Meteore.


Hotel Monte Cristo, Paris.



The room of thousand dreams


May 11, 2019.

Cie Les Imagités.

Le Med's cultural center, Marseille.

Musical show.

With: Miss Delmonde,

Yan Macary.




After Giuseppe Verdi's piece.


June 21, 2019.

Municipal Opera of Marseille.

Created for the project

"à Marseille l'opéra c'est classe".

Directed by  Miss Delmonde.


May 12, 2018.

Le Med's cultural center, Marseille.

Music and dance show.

With: Miss Delmonde.


May 6, 2018.

Art cafe Genesa, Kolomuya, Ukraine.

Flamenco show.

With: Miss Delmonde.

  • 22023 - immersive experience  » On the road to acacia gum”.  Creation of Maison Météore.

  • 2021 - Eminent hotel iimmersive experience (Paris).

  • 2019 - main role in the musical "The room of thousand dreams" (Med's, Marseille).

  • 2018 - main role in the show "Me - deep" (Med's, Marseille).

  • 2017 - Carmen in the  show “Radio and Carmen” (Geneza, Kolomuya, Ukraine).

  • 2015-2016 - main role in the musical "Broadway dream" (Casa Cinema theater, South Korea).

  • 2015 - Emilia in "Yabluka" by Alexander Viter (DIYA theater, Kyiv).

  • 2014 - Lika in the play “My Poor Marat” by A. Arbuzov (university production, kyiv).

Company Les imagités


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