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The seventh season of La guerre des trônes was broadcast on France 5. Marina Delmonde continued to play the role of Marie-Antoinette to tell the story of the last years of her life, the period of the French revolution. The new season was signed by Vanessa Pontet, co-directed with Samuel Collardey. It is currently available for replay on


Host - Kevin Chamotte.
Dancers : Nawelle Saidi, André Nguyen,
Marina Delmonde, Jura Arkhangelski.
Disc-jockey - Yan Macary.

Miss Delmonde vintage band.
Vocals - Miss Delmonde.
Trumpet - Florent Hinschberger.
Trombone - Jean-Luc Pagni.
Double bass - Fabricio Nicolas.
Drums - Thomas Racine.
Piano - Alix Logico.

Miss Delmonde at Time Machine party at No.Pi Paris!

Thanks to Yan Macary and  Nicolas Ullmann for the organisation!

Images - François Burckel.
Editing - Ishtvan Nekrasov.
Photos - Samuel Barthet, François Burckel.


Marina Delmonde played the role of Marie-Antoinette in season 6 of "The War of Thrones", broadcast on France 5 chanel in December. The 6 new episodes written by Vanessa Pontet and directed by Vanessa Pontet and Eric Le Roux retrace the history of Europe in the second half of the 18th century.